Dream Journal

July 15, 2008

During last semester, I started scribbling down my dreams in a notepad I kept on my bed head. I got out of the habit with the start of summer, but I’m thinking about getting back to it.

It seemed like a good way of keeping track of my issues. The night I spent dueling Lord Voldemort with Dan and Steve points to either ego or identity problems, I’m not sure. My prejudice against skateboarders ended up with one getting run over by a Disney bus…although the skateboarder wasn’t fazed, apparently. Too many video games and action movies led to a dream where my family and I were running cross country with a boy and girl we were trying to keep away from a terrorist group; and, yes, calling the police was not an option.

Anyway, last night, after a short dream where I was training in Germany with sister, her bf, and some annotations on Jane Austen’s literary genius, I found myself in Grand Rapids, watching my best friend’s brother fold his laundry. Said best friend’s brother had recently got back from military duty in Kuwait, and he had ousted and moved into his little sister’s room (never mind that Eliza doesn’t have her own room…and the walls aren’t neon pink). Well, he left the neon pink paint, left the doll table, and left the white carpet which somehow left pink sunspots on my vision whenever I looked at it.  Hanging on the neon pink walls, though, were two statues of scorpions, one of which was accompanied/morphing into Buddha. He said he liked my sense of vision.

Not even sure what that means.


4 Responses to “Dream Journal”

  1. kathrynarmstrong said

    Now THAT is a seriously awesome dream. I’m going downstairs right now to talk about it with you….

  2. Andrea said

    I don’t usually remember my dreams anymore. I’ve heard that has to do with a deficiency of b-vitamins, or maybe it’s just that when I wake up, it’s so often to take care of a crying little person, and my mind has to instantly wake up and function.

  3. b-head said

    For real…I wanna hear the interp on that! I have so always wanted to keep a dream journal. I’m inspired.

  4. kathrynwarmstrong said

    Where is Jon when we need him? Things will perk up considerably at breakfast time when Jonny comes marching home again!

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