The things I forgot to pack

August 6, 2009

So, I haven’t even started packing yet, but I thought I would post a list of essentials I’m pretty sure I’ll forget. Ahem.

1. Dave


2. Molly


3. Abishai


4. The Den


5. The shelf


6. The lane


I suppose I shouldn’t take too long contemplating the soon-to-be lost comforts of home. Have some correspondence to write and clothing to launder. Would also vacuum my room tonight, except the ‘rents have already gone to bed.

Among other things I’m leaving for the day of.


2 Responses to “The things I forgot to pack”

  1. Kathi said

    They’re all here waiting for you! Stephen, Dad, and I just walked the lane with Abishai, and it’s still intact! The day went like this: Stephen was up at 7:30 due to still being on German time, so we all went to the first and second service together, out to the First Wok for lunch, nap (while I think Steph played video games), a little packing and cleaning up of the old civic for Stephen, a family walk, tea time with hot fudge ice cream brownies while watching our 1998 Disney Family music video, and then Stephen left to join Steve C. at the Mundweilers. Dan C. said Steve has really missed you guys. I know the feeling is mutual! D,S,& I all really missed you today too!!

  2. Andrea said

    You’re blogging!!!! I just clicked over on a whim thinking there wouldn’t be anything, and here there are several posts to catch up on. What fun!

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