September 4, 2009

I’m going to give a brief photo-tour of our time in Garmisch here, but if you happen to be friends with Stephen Armstrong on Facebook, I highly recommend his “DEEP RAVINE” photo album.

Garmisch is about three or so hours south-east of Marktbergel and is decently near the Germany-Austrian border. Apparently it’s a big deal for the Americans here because of the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort reminiscent of American resorts like the Wilderness Lodge in Disney World (or, at least, that’s how Michael explained it to me). Miq and Grace, however, were more interested in taking us to Garmisch because of the Partnachklamm, or Partnach gorge. Note:

Garmisch 060

It pretty much looked like this the entire way down the gorge. There was a walkway blasted into the rock to the side of the gorge.

Garmisch 059

There was a series of bridges that crossed the gorge above, but it was steep, rough climbing to get up to them and we didn’t go farther than the first bridge.

Garmisch 069

This gives a better view of the sidewalk from which we enjoyed the gorge.

Garmisch 090

I went a little picture happy, but it was kind of hard to resist.

Garmisch 092

The darkness made for some fuzzy/odd pictures. Note Steve’s head poking above Grace’s right shoulder.

Garmisch 105

Steve, styling his H&M coat. Like any good model, his mouth is partially open and his face renders a look of profound enlightenment.

Garmisch 115

As Michael said, the only thing that would make the gorge better is if the river were heated to hot-tub temperatures and you could float down it.

Garmisch 163

We drove an hour over to Neuschwanstein that afternoon after eating doners in Garmisch. Driving in a five seater with Fleeb in the middle of the backseat can be uncomfortable, but we made it. You have to hike up to Neuschwanstein, and this was a little restaurant about halfway up. We ate there on our way down.

Garmisch 169

An uber-classic shot of Hohenschwangau Castle from the walkway up to the Marion Bridge. Hohenschwangau was the childhood residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. I always thought the lake to the left was the one Ludwig drowned in, but apparently he drowned in a lake near Munich.

Garmisch 172

Neuschwanstein from the Marion Bridge.

Garmisch 195

The gatehouse at Neuschwanstein. The red stone work made my day, and on the other side the gatehouse was paneled with yellow stone. We took a tour of the castle, but we couldn’t take pictures. There was a lot of ornately craved, rich wood and wall-paintings of Wagnerian opera scenes. It was probably as opulent and overwhelming as anything I’ve ever seen, but there was a warmth to all the paintings that made it feel very comfortable.

Garmisch 214

Here we are eating dinner. We were all kind of brain dead and tired after our long day, but the jagerschnitzel was quite delicious.

Garmisch 217

It was dusk by the time we got down from Neuschwanstein. We had to drive back to Garmisch then, but we struck up a hot conversation about how we could improve the quality of life of our family, and we continued talking late after we got back to our hotel room. We passed around the Granini pear nectar, which is basically bottled magic. I’m planning to check on the availabilty of the stuff in America when I get back.


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  1. Kathi said

    The Partnach Gorge is incredible! Tell Mike I wanna go!

    I think you ate at the same restaurant where Dad and I took Jon and Kathy when we were there—at least, if it was part of a little village. When we were at Neuschwanstein, the rooms weren’t as impressive as the Hapsburg Palace, so they must have classed the place up in the last 8 years!

    D+B are bringing Stephen home tonight, and K+C are taking him back Monday. Otherwise, all is quiet on the Western Front! Hope the Eastern Front has a glorious Labor Day Weekend with Grace’s labor at the end. :)

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