September 8, 2009

Usually I’m resentful about feeling like I Should Blog, but tonight I’m more petulant about feeling like I Should Go To Bed. I just finished The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy, which left me feeling entertained, dissatisfied, and overdosed on absurdist humor. A quick spin on Wikipedia to peruse the plot summaries of the other Hitchhiker books didn’t help.

I would like to say that I’ve settled into a writing routine since Fig hopped on a plane and left me alone with the locals. However, I’ve only done seven and a half hours of creative writing since I got to Germany. For the record, Michael does have random days off every time I turn around, and I find myself on the weekend often. Seriously, we went to Garmisch two weeks ago on a four-day weekend, and then we just had a four-day weekend for Labor Day. Not to mention Michael’s Bavaria Dentac “Organizational Day” on Thursday, which was a day at the Freizeitland Park (German amusement park).

Anyway, today I forced myself to finish Moby-Dick, and I was having so much fun reading and avoiding writing that I sat down and read Hitchhiker’s Guide too. Moby-Dick also left me a little listless, but at least I came away feeling like it had a Traditional and Positive Point. And Ishmael’s voice is just so passionate and over-the-top. I mean, you just have to love someone who loves whaling enough to say:

“It now remains to magnify (the whale) in an archaeological, fossiliferous, and antediluvian point of view. Applied to any other creature than the Leviathan – to an ant or a flea – such portly terms might justly be deemed unwarrantably grandiloquent. But when Leviathan is the text, the case is altered. Fain am I to stagger to this emprise under the weightiest words of the dictionary. And here be it said, that whenever it has been convenient to consult one in the course of these dissertations, I have invariably used a huge quarto edition of Johnson, expressly purchased for that purpose; because that famous lexicographer’s uncommon personal bulk more fitted him to compile a lexicon to be used by a whale author like me.”

Ah, Melville. I’m remembering how Fig could read a 660-page fantasy book in the same time it took me to read less than half of Moby-Dick.

Chris and Patty, our neighbors downstairs who are also Army people, offered to watch Fleeb for the evening, so we all boosted off to Ansbach to look at furniture and eat dinner. We went to Pilipp, which is a four-story German Ikea-like furniture/clothing/stuff store. Miq and Grace are looking to put a rocking chair in the living room before Fleeb 2 pops out (the due date is tomorrow), but they didn’t find anything they both loved. Miq was rooting for a wicker egg-shaped basket/chair that hangs by a spring on a metal stand. Kind of like having a swing in your living room, except cooler.

Also, went to this most excellent Thai restaurant. I now have a strange desire to try making all sorts of marvelous dishes with coconut milk, chopped lemon leaves, and curry powder. I may be looking up Thai restaurants in G. Raps when I get back.

It’s time for some random pictures.

Petersburg 001

Miq, Fig, and I climbed Petersburg, which is a small mountain next to Marktbergel (it is also featured on the banner of my blog right now). This shot of Marktbergel is taken from maybe one-third of the way up Petersburg.

Petersburg 011

There was a random standing stone on Petersburg that Fig climbed and from which he pontificated to the world.

Petersburg 019

Jon took this picture of us at a gasthaus in Bad Windsheim. Linda was sick with mono, but we were able to go out with Jon, get ice cream down the street, and play a roaring game of Masterpiece before he left for Erlangen and then Michigan.

Petersburg 012

Here are Miq, Grace, and Skeeb in a cathedral in Dinkelsbuhl, which is a walled medieval town kind of like Rothenburg.

Petersburg 022

This waterwheel was in a random deserted square by a theater. Next to the wheel was a defunct mill, which Miq thought had been powered by mules to crush grain.

Petersburg 049

Miq and I posing in a random public garden outside the city wall (left in picture). We took a walk around about half of the city wall and found some really nifty nooks. Note the next picture, for example.

Petersburg 059

Grace and I posing on a random awesome bridge also outside of the city wall.

Petersburg 065

Miq, wondering about the possibilities of The Grim Reaper in Front of Time.

Petersburg 068

Miq, Grace, and Fleeb leaving the bridge and passing through the Dinkelsbuhl wall.


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  1. Kathi said

    Thanks for the tour of Dinkelsbuhl and environs! Stephen’s pontificating came out again in a dream where he saved the U.S. from terrorists, so apparently his practice was worthwhile! Otherwise, he sort of looks like Bat Man in that shot. Awesome!

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