Nycteris Armstrong

September 9, 2009

Grace started having contractions about the time I finished last night’s post around 12 a.m. this morning. By the time I was in bed, Miq and Grace were packing to go to the birth center.

Nycteris [undecided middle name] Armstrong was born at 3:35 a.m. For the record, she weighs 7.9 pounds, is 20 inches long, and looks like so:

Nycteris 005

Grace and Nycteris when they came home around 11:30 a.m. Nycteris creaks in her sleep instead of snores. She really does sound like a little tree creaking in the wind.

Nycteris 002


4 Responses to “Nycteris Armstrong”

  1. Kathi said

    She looks gorgeous. Actually, she looks a lot like Michael did…all rosy and beautiful.

    If she creaks, maybe her middle name should be “Winde” or something (to go along with the Raine theme)!

  2. botanyhead said

    AW! Yay!!!! We are all so excited over here that we can hardly stand it! She’s super gorgeous! Love those round cheeks. I think the name is lovely too…can’t wait to hear a middle to go with it.

  3. Andrea said

    Congratulations to the proud M&D, the beautiful big sister, and, of course, Uncle Joel! What an absolutely adorable baby!

  4. botanyhead said

    How about Breeze? I am waiting with baited breath to hear about what the chosen full name will be!!!! Do remember to update all us Stateside folk!

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