September 18, 2009

Miq and I dashed off to the Ikea-like Pilipp in Ansbach to pick up a new rocking chair for Grace, and we came back with THIS:

Joel in New Chair

It’s apparently a brand new generation of the basket chair I mentioned a couple of posts back. It’s crazy expensive because it utilizes new German technology, but the Pilipp service reps didn’t speak enough English to explain it, and the manual is all in German too. We’re waiting for Linda to come over and translate some of it for us. Miq kind of impulse bought it, and we took it straight off the showroom floor. The ironic thing is it creeps Grace out to have Nycteris in it because she’s worried about radiation.

Anyway. I’ve been feeling guilty about not journaling for the last while, so last night I pulled out the journal and pen. At first I wrote in paragraphs and then in bullet points as it got closer to midnight. I guess spending seven weeks in Germany is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I thought to myself (philosophically) about the fact that every day back in Grand Rapids was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I didn’t feel a particular urge to write down what I ate for dinner on January 17, 2005. Hmm.

I have an abundance of pictures because of my long Sabbath rest from blogging, but I’ll just post some of my favorites.

Nycteris 012

I took Fleeb to the park the Friday after Nycteris was born in an attempt to quell any feelings of jealousy. She enjoyed herself and didn’t even cry when we left because she had just got a new biking helmet and it was so exciting to put it on.

(Biking) and (Coburg with Jaeschkes) 009

Miq and I also did some mountain biking around Petersburg. The uphill was rough, but zipping down rolling green hills with mountains all around on the horizon is exhilarating.

(Biking) and (Coburg with Jaeschkes) 031

I trained to Erlangen to visit the Jaeschkes on Monday. They took me to Coburg, near where Herr Jaeschke’s parish was. This is inside the cathedral, which has a classic Gothic exterior but this Victorian (?) style inside. Beautiful, but it was shocking when I first stepped inside.

(Biking) and (Coburg with Jaeschkes) 063

I think this was part of the original Coburg city wall. Coburg was the city of Prince Albert’s family, and we toured the city palace. We also went out of the city to see the castle:

(Biking) and (Coburg with Jaeschkes) 066

The castle was the old home of the royal family before they descended to live in the more modern city palace.

(Biking) and (Coburg with Jaeschkes) 093

Inside the castle walls. There were two courtyards inside the castle walls and a lot of buildings surrounding the courtyards.

(Biking) and (Coburg with Jaeschkes) 113

There was a museum inside the castle, but I was more interested in the rooms themselves than the showcases.

(Biking) and (Coburg with Jaeschkes) 121

The hunting room in the castle. Uber fabulous.

09-17-09 and 09-18-09 004

And, for all you grandparents out there, here’s a new picture of Nycteris receiving an oracle from above.


4 Responses to “”

  1. jaeschke said

    Did you see my blog with some pictures of you in it?
    It was lovely having you here!
    I love that basket chair!!

  2. botanyhead said

    Yay for pictures and wonderful uncles who are there in person like all of us wish we could be!

    What “technology” in a chair could cause Grace to worry about radiation? I can’t imagine!

  3. Kathi said

    This is great! Thanks for all the pictures. How does the chair work? How is it suspended? Is that where the radiation comes in? Does it “rock” with movement?

    The castle pictures look so lovely…makes me wish to be there biffing around with you. :)

    Thanks for the picture of of the little darlings! I love the pic of Eowyn with one of her inimitable smiles…and the adorable MIQ 2. Nycteris even has a tiny dimple in her chin like her daddy!

  4. Andrea said

    I, too, am super curious about the radiation chair.

    Great pictures. My little cousinettes look adorable.

    I must say, you are a fabulous brother and uncle, Joel. I can’t imagine having a baby in a foreign country with no family around to help me over the hump.

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