September 21, 2009

I must admit to some mischief in my last post. Michael and I enjoy the new nursing/swinging chair from Pilipp so much that we decided to make a visual representation of how fabulously much you feel like you’re floating when you sit in it. But, really the chair is quite normally suspended with a spring and metal pole.

Rothenburg and Eat Like Skeeb 007

Anyway. So much for fiction. On to the much more exciting and photogenic realities of my last few days in Germany.

Rothenburg and Eat Like Skeeb 011

Gangster Eowyn at the train station and on her way to Rothenburg o.b.T. The touch screen on the ticket machine had been wrecked with burns (“although not with a cigarette lighter, since there’s no smoke above,” Michael said. Apparently he’s seen three or four wrecked screens already).

Rothenburg and Eat Like Skeeb 028

In the words of Miss Bates, Rothenburg looks just like a fairyland.

Rothenburg and Eat Like Skeeb 033

Grace contemplating the very great pleasure bestowed by a 2-euro glass of fresh pressed apple juice. (Apparently I’ve hit an Austen rut.)

Rothenburg and Eat Like Skeeb 058

Michael and I went back to Rothenburg in the evening to walk the city wall and take the “Nightwatchman Tour” of the city. 1 part Monty Python and 3 parts history. Very enjoyable.

Rothenburg and Eat Like Skeeb 076

Inspired by Eowyn’s distinct eating style, I’ve had this notion to have an Eat Like Skeeb Dinner. Note the sippy cups, watered down juice, bibs, and lack of silverware.

Rothenburg and Eat Like Skeeb 090

This shot was taken later in the dinner, as you can tell by the amount and radius of the sauce on our faces. We started out using two or three fingers on only one hand, but to be truly Fleeb authentic, we felt the need to grab whole handfuls of pasta.

Rothenburg and Eat Like Skeeb 094

Michael trying to sneak a kiss; Eowyn playing hard to get.

Rothenburg and Eat Like Skeeb 101



6 Responses to “”

  1. dolphin5 said

    Frau Jaeschke, I’ve had some trouble finding your blog. I’ve tried both “” and “” with no luck….

  2. botanyhead said

    Wow. Just wow. Ya’ll are crazy. The non-pastuerized cider looks excellent…and must be a few shades cooler when called “Frischgepressler Apfelsaff.” Yum.

  3. Andrea said

    I can totally see some of those pictures of Eowyn and her family “eating like Fleeb” going into her wedding video someday.

  4. Andrea said

    I just had to add that my kids think this is hilarious, especially Caitlin. She keeps asking to see the “sippy cup” pictures over and over again.

  5. Kathi said

    The cider is indeed fab. I can vouch for that, having tried it! But the spaghetti dinner, Fleeb style…now that is CLASS!!

  6. ROFL!! This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! Thanks!

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